Welcome to the new official JauntePE (aka JPE) end-user site, home of the completely open source 0.6.0 and newer versions of the project. As the project progresses, project changes will be posted in News. If you're looking for one of the older closed source versions of JPE, visit crownixx's site.

If you're new to JPE, or new to this version of JPE, please see the About section for a general overview of the app and where it stands at this point in time. There you'll also find information on the latest version's feature set, some screenshots of its user interface, and a simple getting started walkthrough to get you familiar with the basics.

A Testing section is also available which contains small tests for you to perform to ensure JPE works as expected.

Although it's getting close, there currently is no stable build of this version of JPE. The latest work-in-progress "nightly" build is always available via a mirrored download from JPE's SourceForge project site.

The launcher and runtime in the builds are fairly stable at this point. As far as we've been able to determine, this version of JPE is able to portably run 32-bit apps on any Windows version from 2000 onward, including 64-bit XP, Vista, and Windows 7 versions.

The new "all in one" JPE gui is still being added to and revised on a daily basis. It currently provides for quick portability testing via portable installs, imports, and app runs. 3 different ways of building up a portable package of apps and data are provided, from step-by-step wizards to simple menu item selection. A package of successfully portablized apps and data may then be saved off to a portable package folder for use outside of the JPE gui.

If you need help, please use the new official JPE end-user forums. These are the only forums in which you are likely to get a response to your questions. crownixx has also begun to post pre-made packages there.

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