Prior to build 20110604-001, JPEized apps each made use of their own in-memory copy of their package's portable registry. These copies were not shared between concurrently running apps. Also, any changes made did not get written to disk until the app ended.

Starting with build 20110604-001, there is now an option available to run JPEized apps so that they make use of a concurrently shared portable registry. Although still a work-in-progress, each app may now see and react to changes made by other apps that are running at the same time, making the portable registry behave more like the Windows system registry behaves.

This test verifies that JauntePE provides portably packaged apps with the means to use the portable registry as a shared data store for concurrently running apps.

Before beginning with the test steps given below, make sure you have the latest nightly build version of JauntePE.

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